New Active Cruise Control - BMW Motorrad

The new Active Cruise Control (ACC) from BMW Motorrad.

This novelty is the magnificent cruise control with distance control for maximum comfort and the greatest possible safety on the handlebar of a motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad wants to offer a relaxed ride without having to worry about adapting the cruise control with manual control to the speed of the vehicle in front, a system that cars have already offered for many years, but was not a standard in motorcycles until now. However, with Active Cruise Control (ACC), BMW Motorrad will soon offer this type of driving assistance system, thus providing motorcyclists with a completely new and comfortable driving experience. ACC is a novel driving assistance system that was developed in collaboration with Bosch. The new ACC provides maximum comfort for the demanding touring motorcycle rider, as it automatically regulates the speed set by the driver and the distance to the vehicle in front. The system automatically regulates the speed of the vehicle when the distance to the vehicle in front is reduced and maintains the distance defined by the driver. This distance can vary in three stages. Both the driving speed and the distance to the vehicle in front can be conveniently adjusted using a button. The individual settings are displayed on the TFT instrument panel. The new BMW Motorrad ACC has two selectable control characteristics: comfortable or dynamic, in which acceleration and deceleration are modified accordingly. The distance control can also be deactivated in order to use the Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC). When cornering, ACC automatically reduces speed if necessary and attempts to create a comfortable lean angle. However, with an increasing lean angle, braking and acceleration dynamics are limited to maintain a stable ride and not destabilize the driver by sudden braking or acceleration. The BMW Motorrad ACC is a driving assistance system that leaves the responsibility to the driver and allows him to intervene at all times. This is also because the new ACC only responds to moving vehicles. Stationary vehicles - such as at the end of a traffic jam or at traffic lights - are not considered. In such cases, the driver has to brake.
  • Three regulation functions for a safe journey.
  • With ACC everything is under control: responsibility remains with the pilot allowing him to intervene at any time.
  • Guaranteed safety also in curves: if necessary, curve control automatically reduces speed in ACC and offers the rider a comfortable lean.
  • Speed and distance from the vehicle in front can be conveniently set via a button on the handlebar.
  • The two control options, "comfortable" and "dynamic", offer a more balanced or more dynamic acceleration and retardation.


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