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Monthly fee
100€ / month - 1.000€ / month


At OLIVA MOTOR we advise you so that you can make the best decision:


Flexibility in the duration of financing (from 12 to 96 months)


Possibility of buying your vehicle without providing a ticket.


Comprehensive management of your purchase: vehicle, financing and services.

We adapt to your needs, that is why we offer you 2 types of financing:


BMW Select is the flexible financing program that more than half of BMW drivers choose when financing their car. The difference is in the Guaranteed Future Value (VFG), with which you will know from the beginning, how much your car will be worth at the end of the contract and will allow you to pay less each month. This way of financing your new car allows you to drive a BMW car with better benefits, more equipped or more sporty for the same money; or give a lower ticket and enjoy a new BMW for much less. At the end of the contract you will have three options to choose the one that suits you best; that easy. In addition, within your Select quota, you can include exclusive BMW maintenance and insurance, so that you only focus on enjoying yourself.
BMW Select. How does it work.
When financing your BMW car, you choose the term of your BMW Select as it suits you, from 12 to 48 months and at the expiration of the contract you can enjoy the flexibility of your financing contract, choosing between:
  • Change your BMW for a new one.
  • Return your BMW as payment of the Future Value that we guarantee you from the first moment.
  • Keep your BMW, paying the last installment or financing it with BMW Financial Services.
  • Comfortable installments thanks to the guaranteed final value.
  • You can include your BMW maintenance and insurance in your Select fee, so you don't have to worry about anything else.
  • You will only give the input you want.
  • You will have no uncertainty as we guarantee a future repurchase value for your BMW at the end of the contract.


BMW Financial Services offers you the financial solution that gives you more freedom. Whether financing your BMW car in the short or long term, you can benefit from the most flexible solutions, accessible installments and fixed interest rates. Linear financing from BMW Financial Services is an ideal way to enjoy your vehicle. You can adapt the financing that best suits you by choosing the term that suits you between 24 and 96 months.
  • Fixed and accessible installments thanks to a fixed interest rate.
  • You can enter only if you wish.
  • Terms of up to 96 months when purchasing your new BMW.
  • Includes Payment Protection Insurance, BMW Maintenance and Comprehensive Insurance in the monthly fee


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